The Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO)

This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS - similar to a framework) consists of a number of Enforcement Agencies that have been awarded a place on the approved list, following a vigorous and detailed formal procurement process.

Reventus have been awarded a place on the DPS. We have attained the highest score possible, demonstrating that we have the right accreditations, finance and insurance levels, robust policies and procedures in place. With the experience to deliver, maintain and continually improve our market-leading and innovative services to Local Authorities throughout England and Wales, we are the first choice among our clients.

A DPS is an electronic system which is established by a Contracting Authority to purchase commonly used goods, works or services. This DPS is designed to meet the enforcement agency needs of all Contracting Authorities via the YPO.  The DPS provides a full range of enforcement agent services, including but not limited to the collection of outstanding debts resulting from unpaid Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates and Road Traffic Offences. Benefits of using the DPS to public bodies include access to prequalified Service Providers who have met the criteria covering acceptability, economic & financial standing, and capacity & capability (saving the need for a PQQ exercise) and a suite of further competition or tender document templates.

Using the DPS

As a Public Authority in England and Wales you can access this official OJEU procurement system and use the DPS to conduct a mini competition amongst the approved list of suppliers.

YPO will provide you with:

  • Enforcement Agency Services User Guide;
  • Access Agreement;
  • Customer Registration Form; and
  • Enforcement Agency Supplier List.

There is an access fee of £750.00 to cover all the administration and the complete management of the process which is only payable when you sign the Access Agreement YPO manages the process from start to finish.

Selection Process by Mini Competition

To award a contract through the DPS you will need to undertake a mini competition, which will be fully managed and facilitated by YPO via the e-procurement portal.

You can tailor the mini competition to your authority, local requirements and your service specification.

The mini competition can consist of:

  • Tailored specification and questions requiring a response submission document by Suppliers; YPO have a question library of pre-determined questions which test every aspect of the required services, so you can either pick from the library or include your own questions that you feel will suit your authority requirement the best.
  • Presentation and Interview; and
  • Price Element maximum 10% (where applicable).

YPO will manage the instructions to bidders and all clarifications.

The review of submissions, specification, evaluation criteria and decision making remains with you, and YPO will manage all the administration and will advise you throughout the process alongside your corporate procurement team if required.

Interview and Presentation – Optional

You are able to include an Interview and Presentation section in the mini competition if it is appropriate to your requirements.

Informing Suppliers and Providing Feedback

YPO will handle all administration, and will issue all notices to both successful and unsuccessful suppliers taking part in the mini competition.

In addition, YPO will provide feedback to unsuccessful suppliers and will manage any disputes.

YPO will also undertake the Contract Award process which can be for a period of up to 4 years.

Contact YPO

Contact the YPO team direct by clicking this link:

Contact Reventus

For more information on how to access this framework, please contact Reventus:

T: 0344 800 3303


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