The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 introduced alterations to the existing law, charges and procedures that govern the debt recovery process. There is now only one set of charges and procedures presiding over the enforcement of all different debt types. Certificated Bailiffs are now known as Enforcement Agents.

The recovery process consists of three stages:-

  • Compliance: We are required to issue you, by mail, with a Notice of Enforcement, upon receipt of an Enforcement Power instruction from the creditor. This provides an opportunity to resolve the matter with our offices, prior to a visit by an Enforcement Agent.

    Debt advice information and methods to pay are detailed on the reverse of the Notice issued.

  • Enforcement: Following the compliance stage, if full payment or a satisfactory arrangement to pay has not been agreed, the case will be passed to an Enforcement Agent to visit the premises. The Enforcement Agent is required to collect full payment or take control of goods. Where the amount cannot be paid in full, the Enforcement Agent will attempt to enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement, whereby goods will be left at the premises subject to an arrangement to pay.

    Should the customer not strictly adhere to an arrangement the case will move to the next stage of recovery.

  • Removal & Sale: If full payment or a satisfactory payment agreement is not made, the Enforcement Agent may remove goods for sale at public auction.

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